Nostrification of school leaving certificate in the Czech Republic

The process of nostrification of education involves your school leaving certificate or diploma being recognised as equivalent to a Czech certificate/diploma. Your school certificate and the transcript of academic hours will be submitted to the Department of education of the Magistrate of Prague or Brno (depending on your temporary registration) which will consider it and make a decision on exams you’ll have to pass. Most students pass the following nostrification exams – geography, biology, chemistry and social sciences. However, the choice of exams may differ. Once these exams are successfully passed, you’ll receive a certificate confirming your certificate is equivalent to the Czech one.

Нострификация диплома в Чехии

If the representative of the Consulate will ask you what you are gonna do if you won’t pass nostrification exams, you should answer confidently and say that the exams are based on school program you’ve recently learned. You should say that you had good marks at school and you will also bring your textbooks to the Czech Republic, so you’ll pass the exams successfully. We provide students studying at Czech language courses with the textbooks in Czech language.

If the representative of the Consulate will ask you how you are going to pass the exams with insufficient knowledge of Czech language, you should say that the exams can be passed with an interpreter.

Students with diplomas of college usually do not pass nostrification exams. Their diplomas are recognized on the basis of submitted documents.

The same applies to students with university diplomas. You can find more information about nostrification of university diplomas here.

Price of the service

For students of our programs, for example, in addition to programs “Plus”, “CTU Courses” – 5.400 CZK or 215 EUR
For new clients the price is 6.000 CZK or 240 EUR.

Specified prices do not include the cost of translation, certification of documents, and fees of Magistrate (1.000 CZK) or universities.

Repeated service after failing exams at the first attempt – 20% off the price.


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