Nostrification of University Diploma in the Czech Republic

To enter Masters or doctoral degree programs in the Czech Republic the student should submit a document certifying conformance of the education level obtained abroad to the education level in the Czech Republic, i.e. nostrification of the diploma. Nostrification of the diploma in the Czech Republic requires detailed comparison of the curricula. The outcome of it is a decision on whether the education abroad conforms to education in the Czech Republic.

Нострификация диплома в Чехии

According to the Law on higher educational institutions, nostrification of higher education diplomas shall be made by the state universities in the Czech Republic. The Ministry of education, youth, and physical education issues a certificate on conformance only if the education was obtained in a state which is part of an agreement on recognition of equivalence of documents (in particular, documents about education), and the Ministry, under this agreement, has the right to accept the diploma; or if there is any doubt that the state universities provides education in such curriculum. Bilateral international agreements on mutual recognition of the education documents equivalence have been concluded with Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and some countries of the former USSR.

In practice, nostrification of a diploma in the Czech Republic occurs as follows. A university providing the education in such curriculum is found. An application and a certified copy of the official diploma translation (made by translator and certified with a seal) are submitted to this university. The university makes a decision within a period stipulated by law. If the notification is denied (frequent cause – big differences between the programs), the applicant may appeal to the Ministry of education of the Czech Republic within a certain period of time. Then the diploma is certified by the Ministry of education. Nostrification process for the medical diploma in the Czech Republic is much longer and more complex.

Nostrification of a medical diploma in the Czech Republic

Nostrification of a medical diploma in the Czech Republic required the following steps:

  1. Nostrification of diploma in the university
  2. Approval exams
  3. Recognition of practice – for physicians who completed the internship at their native land (except for the dentists).

The first stage –  actual nostrification of a medical diploma in the Czech Republic starts with translation of the certified diploma copy (at court interpreter; with a seal). Thereupon, the notarized translation of the diploma is submitted to the university (usually diplomas for nostrification are submitted to the First medical department of Charles University). At the same time, the student should submit an application for nostrification to the university. In case of failure, the student may appeal to the Ministry of education of the Czech Republic at this stage.

Nostrification of a medical diploma in the Czech Republic – approval exam

After receiving nostrification document from the university, the student applies for an approval exam to the Ministry of health of the Czech Republic.

Applications for the approval exam are submitted twice a year – until February 28 (for spring semester) and until 28 August (for fall semester).

Application for approval exams can be supplemented with the following documents:

  1. Certified copy of the official diploma translation (translation should be made by  judicial translator)
  2. Certified copy of the document on recognition of the higher education abroad (nostrification)
  3. Medical certificate which should not be older than 3 months (the document cannot be issued by the company where the candidate for testing works)
  4. Certificate of no criminal record. Also not older than 3 months. If a candidate has resided in a country other than the country of their permanent residence for longer than 6 months –  certificate of no criminal record from this country too.
  5. Non-certified copy of the passport
  6. Certified copy of the marriage certificate or document on the surname change (if you have changed it)
  7. Notarized copy of translated document on the recognition of professional qualifications in the EU
  8. Confirmation of the state fee payment

State fee for the examination makes 2.000 CZK. It can be paid by purchasing a stamp costing 2.000 CZK or by bank transfer.

Approval exam meets the content of the accredited master programs of universities in the Czech Republic. The exam is taken before the examination commission appointed by the Minister of health. On the basis of the passed approval test, the Ministry of health issues a decision on recognition of applicant’s suitability to conduct medical practice in the Czech Republic.

Nostrification of a medical diploma in the Czech Republic – changes dated 1.07.2009

The exam consists of 4 parts. All parts should be passed only in Czech

The first and the second parts are tests in writing

The first test verifies field-specific knowledge and the second – knowledge of the health care system in the Czech Republic and the basic principles of law relating to provision of medical care in the Czech Republic. The applicant should score at least 70% in every test.

The third part is practical

Internship in the appropriate field under supervision of the Czech experts in any medical institution during 5 months. During the internship, the applicant has to develop 5 practical researches for the oral examination from which the board of examiners will select one research. Internship can be passed only in institutions with specific accreditation.

The fourth part is the oral exam

The fourth part checks field-specific knowledge and applicant’s ability to communicate in Czech.

Exams for general practitioners

  • Pediatrics
  • Therapy
  • Surgery
  • Gynecology and obstetrics
  • Exams for dentists
  • Therapeutic dentistry
  • Surgical dentistry
  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Prosthetic dentistry
  • Preventive dentistry
  • Periodontology
  • Orthodontics
  • Exams for pharmacists
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry
  • Control of chemical drugs
  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Pharmaceutical technology

Certain parts of the exam, except for the practical part, are evaluated by “passed” or “failed” principle. The final result is declared by the board of examiners after council on the approval exam results. The first and the second parts of the exam are held in the presence and under supervision of at least one official from the Ministry; the fourth part is passed with the board of examiners appointed by the Ministry and consisting of at least 3 members. The third part of approval exam – so-called field-specific practice – is passed as a working week and is usually drawn up as a labor contract, i.e. requires a work permit and employment visa.

Applications for the approval exam with attachments are accepted by the Ministry until March 15 or until September 15. The applicants are informed on the time of approval exam not less than 30 days before the appointed date.

After passing the approval exam, the doctor receives a certificate confirming his/her equivalence to graduate of the Czech medical university. Dentists can start independent practice right after that. The other doctors who have not had internship in their homeland should get job and prepare for certification exam (Czech equivalent of the internship). The doctors who have passed the internship in their homeland also have to undergo the procedure of practice recognition.

Administrative fees for the approval exam

Administrative fee for the appraisal exam (first attempt) – CZK 7.000 (1.500 CZK for a special test, 1.500 CZK for a test on the basics of law and the health system, 4.000 CZK for oral exam). Administrative fee for the second attempt makes 10.000 CZK; for the third and each subsequent attempt – 15.000 CZK.

Prices of our services

For students of our programs, for example, in addition to “Plus” or “CTUP courses” programs – 5.400 CZK or 215 EUR
For new customers – 6.000 CZK or 240 EUR

Specified prices do not include the cost of translation, certification of documents, and specific fees of the Magistrate (1.000 CZK) or universities.

You can find the prices of services on medical diploma recognition (nostrification and approbation) in Doctors in the Czech Republic section.

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