Health insurance in the Czech Republic

To obtain a long-term Czech visa you’ll need a medical insurance

To obtain a long-term visa you should have a health insurance issued by one of the Czech insurance companies:

  • Maxima
  • Uniqa
  • VZP
  • Slavia
  • AXA (Inter Partner Assistance)

Медицинская страховка в Чехии

There are two kinds of medical insurances, meeting requirements of the Czech state authorities in respect of foreigners – insurance for emergencies and a complex medical insurance.

The medical insurance contract is concluded for a specified term; the insurance is valid from the moment of concluding the contract till actual termination of the insurance.

Insurance for emergency cases covers only a part of the medical care and only in emergency cases; e.g. it covers the medical examination, but not X-ray photography and analysis which you’ll have to pay for. Insurance for emergency cases is suitable for obtaining only the first visa, but not for visa prolongation. Approximate price of a simple insurance for one year makes 170 EUR for students under 26 years and 210 EUR for other customers.

Complex health insurance in the Czech Republic is suitable both for obtaining the first visa and for prolongation of the valid one. Complex health insurance covers a wide range of services, not only medical examination, but also any surveys and analysis prescribed by the doctor, if necessary. Complex insurance also partially covers the dental care (such as the cases on eliminating sudden pain or injury consequences). Approximate cost of a complex insurance – 9.000 CZK (about 360 EUR) per year for students under 26, 10.200, – CZK (about 410 EUR) for customers over the age of 26.

Insurance companies have the right to raise or lower the cost of insurance, depending on the market situation. Please contact our advisers to learn the current prices.

Health insurance does not cover:

  • Expenses for inpatient treatment in specialized hospitals, except for treatment of tuberculosis and mental disorders
  • Health resort services, homeopathy, and acupuncture
  • Organ transplantation
  • Treatment of alcohol and drug addiction including any complications and related diagnoses
  • Examination and treatment of AIDS, venereal and sexually transmitted diseases from the time of diagnosis
  • Examination and treatment of hepatitis from the time of diagnosis
  • Expenses for treating diabetes mellitus with insulin
  • Treatment of chronic renal failure with hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis
  • Treatment with the use of growth hormones
  • Treatment with interferon
  • Treatment of hemophilia and other blood coagulation disorders
  • Examination and treatment of congenital defects and diseases including their complications and consequences from the time of diagnosis
  • Expenses related to treatment of defects of speech and hearing, hearing aid, cochlear implants
  • Treatment of vision defects; glasses and lenses
  • Electric wheelchairs and myoelectric prosthetics means
  • Manufacture and repair of dental prosthetic means, implants, and orthodontic tools
  • Dental care that is not urgent (not acute),  except for injury consequences
  • Events resulting from intentional acts, participation, or complicity of the Insured person, except for the injury (this includes disorderly conduct, violence, etc.)

The insurance also does not cover medical services related to aesthetics, placing white dental fillings, and everything related to chronic diseases; especially it is not a complication requiring quick medical aid, but routine examinations and treatments.

If you have any health problems, we recommend you to inform us about them before your arrival to the Czech Republic, so that we have enough time to consult with the insurance company and recommend you the best choice.

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